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The Story of Yagami Light

This one is especially for Ren-chan (or Tsuki-chan now xD), as part of our art-trade (she made me an Ed/Meiyo drawing *SQUEAL*). I haven't written anything in a long time, and you have no idea how extremely satisfying it was to write something again. Something that just flowed out of my fingers, after a couple of weeks of pondering on what to write xD. Anyways, enjoy~ :D

There were two major turning points in Yagami Light’s life, both of which could not be really considered normal.Collapse )

~ :D

Another story? Ghuh.

:P *showers hearts onto Ren-chan and Narisya* :D :'D Feel the love, darlings :)

Anyway... yeah... I had this dream you know... and I thought I'd share it with you guys (a)

it's like... I dream of Ed :)Collapse )

:) yep, that's it. It's a bit weird. Nothing like I ever wrote before (regarding style) And well... there were supposed to be two paragraphs more... but they didn't really fit the style and they're a bit ... odd (a) so I won't post them.

Then! One last thing (apart from the love)! I'm planning to transform the previously posted one-shots into 'audiobooks' ... Main reason is that, of Ren-chan wants to xD, she can listen to her and Renji's story when she's at school XDD :'D :)

But tell me if you'd like that idea, else I won't get started on all the work xD


*showers more love*




Every bad thing... has a good side too...

Could a day become much worse?

Even though that thought had passed the minds of at least a thousand of other minds, the exact same thought now passed Renichi’s. Her day truly had been beyond worse, far more beyond worse than you could possibly imagine. Cause? She’d had to run errands all day long for Byakuya. Only because Rikichi had accidentally set fire to one of his many towers of paperwork by accidentally bumping into a candle - seriously, don’t ask me how - and, blaming Renichi for the matter - even though Rikichi tried to take the blame, Byakuya wouldn’t hear of it - had hired her as his gopher for one day. And everyone can assure you, being Byakuya’s gopher is not something that enlightens the mind, body or soul.

Not unexpectedly, Renichi was exhausted and her mood wasn’t what it used to be either at the end of the day. So, when she did finally arrive at the headquarters of the sixth devision, she closed the door with a firm swing, cursed at some random objects in the room and fell headfirst on the couch, which was welcoming her with its soft cushions. And just when she was visibly relaxing her muscles, she heard the door open and a soft padding of feet across the floor.

“Ano, Renichi-san? Daijoubu?” She recognized that voice anywhere; definitely Rikichi ... the bastard. She knew she had no right to be angry at him but at the moment, she really didn’t care. She hated everything and everyone right now. Well, everyone, with an exception to a certain red-headed shinigami... She raised her head slowly and send out a death-glare to the black-haired boy standing next to the couch. His eyes were big and widened even more as he saw the blue rimmed eyes of Renichi. He took a few steps back, very clever.
But as Renichi looked at him, it downed on her that she really didn’t have any reason to be agitated with him. Her face softened and she sighed deeply.

“Ah, gomen, Rikichi-kun. I’m just really tired.”

Rikichi nodded vigorously and said, “I understand. I’m still very sorry that you had to take the blame for my mistake. But, what I really came here for, is to tell you Abarai-san s training with his Zanpaketou up on the mountain and he wanted to talk to you about something. So you better head up there.”

Rikichi then quickly padded away and closed the door behind him, while Renichi mused over what he had said. Renji wanted to meet her... it wasn’t as if this was abnormal - no, she met up with Renji all the time - but somehow it felt different this time. She could feel her stomach squirming as she walked to the door. What was that supposed to mean, anyway.


She could already hear him from a distance; the power of his voice, echoing over the grassy hills, and the powerfull swishing of Zabimaru. When Renichi reached the top of the mountain, she smiled. It could’ve lasted hours that her eyes followed the smooth movements of his lean body, but, to be honest, only a couple of minutes past before he noticed her.

Smiling and calling back Zabimaru, he walked over to her and wiped his forehead with his arm.

“You came.” Two simple words. Nothing special. But they sounded like they held the whole universe. They even almost sounded relieved, why was that?

“I did. Rikichi-kun said you wanted to talk to me about something.” Renichi averted her eyes, setting them on the setting of the sun, the bright orange light blinding her for more than one second. When he didn’t say anything, she turned her head and saw that he was watching the sunset too. She saw him taking a deep breath and open his mouth to say something.

“I did. But I think I’ll rather say something else, now that you’re here.” He looked at her, his eyes held concern and something else, which Renichi couldn’t quite put her finger on. She looked confused.

“Why would you do that?”

Again, he said nothing, just stared ahead, and, after a few seconds, intertwined their fingers, his hand warm against her relatively cold one.

He flashed a grin at her, “Just because you look so stunningly pretty at the moment.”

Renichi’s eyes widened and then her expression softened again. “Ah, arigatou.” Renji stayed silent, seeming to ponder over what to say next. At that moment, Renichi knew she had to tell Renji what had been bothering her for the past few months. She couldn’t really keep it for herself any longer. And even if he didn’t ... didn’t return her feelings, she could live with that. But she needed to tell him.

“Renji ... Sukidayo.”

But when the four syllables filled the air, it wasn’t only her voice that had formed them. She looked at him, her eyes meeting his; wide and awake.

And this is the exact moment we leave the 3rd-person-perspective and enter the perspective of the all-knowing author. Because what happened next isn’t possible to describe for a person who feels it. They can only say that it was indescribable. That it was perfect, amazing, beyond believe, beyond words.

Because when both Renji and Renichi finally noticed that the word they had said had also been said by the other, the only thing they could do was smile, forgetting the tiring events of the day. Then slowly close the distance between them, feeling as if floating on air.

And as all of this was happening, a certain black-haired boy sat in a tree, and watched as the two shadows, silhouetted by the setting sun, became one.

It's amazing how the mind works...

So, I know I still have to post my bishie list XD And trust, me the list is there, the descriptions pictures aren't. I survived my finals, so now I sot of have time again and in one week it's Christmas, so I'll have loads of time to fangirl again ^^ For now, I'll just post two fanfics. One about me and Ed. The other one about Ren-chan and Renji ^^ Enjoy.

It's amazing how the mind works...

It’s amazing how the human mind works, that’s what he’d said. But what had he meant?

Meiyo sat, legs crossed, in the park near her house, leaning back against the huge Oak tree. She had been friends with him for over three years now. They told each other everything, it seemed as though they had never lived apart from each other. Even if they were quite the opposites, he the short-tempered, easily offended and yet caring boy, she the kind, understanding and brave girl, they had gotten along since the first time they had laid eyes on each other.

It was in England. Meiyo had been wandering around London on a hot summer day, not knowing how she should spent it, figuring she already had visited all the interested places, when she bumped into a short, blonde boy, probably around her age, 16 years old - though you wouldn’t say that if you paid any attention to his height. He had flared his anger at her for not looking where she was walking, and she in turn had told him that he was too short to notice anyway, which made his temper even worse. And that was it, actually. The beginning of a wonderful friendship. They met more often during the weeks that passed and now they were inseparable. Some people even said that you couldn’t know where he ended and she begin, figuratively speaking. This comment always made Meiyo blush.

Anyway, the more Meiyo saw him, the more she felt feelings rise in the pit of her stomach. Sometimes those feelings scared her, it probably was the first time in her life she had ever felt about someone of the opposite sex like that. And the big question was, did he feel the same way? But most of the times, the feelings filled her with warmth. Especially when she saw him smile. She wanted to see him smile so badly.

But then, this afternoon, he had looked at her and had said, It’s amazing how the human mind works and how the heart reacts to it. Could that mean...? Meiyo hugged her knees tightly and closed her eyes, dropping her head on her arms. What she would give if he felt the same way.

“Meiyo?” She felt a warm hand on her shoulder.

Her head turned quickly and brown met gold. “E-Ed.”

“Are you okay?” His eyes glazed with concern. Meiyo nodded, but, at the same time, held out her arms for him to join her in her hug. And although he cast a confused look at her, he obliged, and hugged her tightly. His arms wrapped around her waist and when his the metal of his auto-mail brushed her back, she shivered. His voice was muffled when he spoke, “You’re really huggable, you know?”
Meiyo smiled in his jacket. “Ed...” He pushed her away, holding her at arms length.


Meiyo averted her eyes, raising her hands to her shoulders to grab his, then mumbled something. He smiled and raised her chin, making her face him. “Nani?”

“Ah... Aishiteru.” She looked at him, searching his eyes for an answer, questioning him his feelings.

He grinned. “So you’ve figured it out, haven’t you? You knew what I meant.”

Meiyo’s eyes widened as he pulled her close, his arms encircling her once more, pulling her down on the grass with him. They were two people facing each other, both on their sides in the park; his auto-mail hand resting on her side, just above her hip, his other hand finding a way to her hair, her hands both crushing the hem of his red coat. He then pulled her towards him even more, eyes scanning her face, and then kissed her gently.

They were two people, both experiencing fireworks in their minds, both finding what they had searched for all along, both so very much in love.

And teh fangirls unite!

Yossha! 8D

Now, the three crazy fangirls have joined forces to bring fangirlism to a whole new level! We are!!!!

Yuriko: the Shikamaru (Naruto) lover,
Renichi: the Renji (Bleach) lover,
Meiyo: the Ed (Fullmetal Alchemist) lover!

What are we going to do here? Well, fangirl over our own bishies, of course! 8D Expect lots of roleplays, crazy antics, and sometimes you might even get a slice of our own lives.... So till then! Stay crazy! 8D


If you didn't already know.... This community is strictly limited to 3 members. ^ ^;; It's just a place for us three girls to keep in touch and such. 8D Thus, all our posts are friends-locked. We might consider opening up and letting the community be watched, but as of now.... We only accept watchers that are just as fangirl-crazy as us. And that's saying a lot. xD;; *cough*