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It's amazing how the mind works...

So, I know I still have to post my bishie list XD And trust, me the list is there, the descriptions pictures aren't. I survived my finals, so now I sot of have time again and in one week it's Christmas, so I'll have loads of time to fangirl again ^^ For now, I'll just post two fanfics. One about me and Ed. The other one about Ren-chan and Renji ^^ Enjoy.

It's amazing how the mind works...

It’s amazing how the human mind works, that’s what he’d said. But what had he meant?

Meiyo sat, legs crossed, in the park near her house, leaning back against the huge Oak tree. She had been friends with him for over three years now. They told each other everything, it seemed as though they had never lived apart from each other. Even if they were quite the opposites, he the short-tempered, easily offended and yet caring boy, she the kind, understanding and brave girl, they had gotten along since the first time they had laid eyes on each other.

It was in England. Meiyo had been wandering around London on a hot summer day, not knowing how she should spent it, figuring she already had visited all the interested places, when she bumped into a short, blonde boy, probably around her age, 16 years old - though you wouldn’t say that if you paid any attention to his height. He had flared his anger at her for not looking where she was walking, and she in turn had told him that he was too short to notice anyway, which made his temper even worse. And that was it, actually. The beginning of a wonderful friendship. They met more often during the weeks that passed and now they were inseparable. Some people even said that you couldn’t know where he ended and she begin, figuratively speaking. This comment always made Meiyo blush.

Anyway, the more Meiyo saw him, the more she felt feelings rise in the pit of her stomach. Sometimes those feelings scared her, it probably was the first time in her life she had ever felt about someone of the opposite sex like that. And the big question was, did he feel the same way? But most of the times, the feelings filled her with warmth. Especially when she saw him smile. She wanted to see him smile so badly.

But then, this afternoon, he had looked at her and had said, It’s amazing how the human mind works and how the heart reacts to it. Could that mean...? Meiyo hugged her knees tightly and closed her eyes, dropping her head on her arms. What she would give if he felt the same way.

“Meiyo?” She felt a warm hand on her shoulder.

Her head turned quickly and brown met gold. “E-Ed.”

“Are you okay?” His eyes glazed with concern. Meiyo nodded, but, at the same time, held out her arms for him to join her in her hug. And although he cast a confused look at her, he obliged, and hugged her tightly. His arms wrapped around her waist and when his the metal of his auto-mail brushed her back, she shivered. His voice was muffled when he spoke, “You’re really huggable, you know?”
Meiyo smiled in his jacket. “Ed...” He pushed her away, holding her at arms length.


Meiyo averted her eyes, raising her hands to her shoulders to grab his, then mumbled something. He smiled and raised her chin, making her face him. “Nani?”

“Ah... Aishiteru.” She looked at him, searching his eyes for an answer, questioning him his feelings.

He grinned. “So you’ve figured it out, haven’t you? You knew what I meant.”

Meiyo’s eyes widened as he pulled her close, his arms encircling her once more, pulling her down on the grass with him. They were two people facing each other, both on their sides in the park; his auto-mail hand resting on her side, just above her hip, his other hand finding a way to her hair, her hands both crushing the hem of his red coat. He then pulled her towards him even more, eyes scanning her face, and then kissed her gently.

They were two people, both experiencing fireworks in their minds, both finding what they had searched for all along, both so very much in love.


Dec. 17th, 2006 02:28 pm (UTC)
*squees* ;w; That was so sweet! ♥! You write well! :D



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