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Another story? Ghuh.

:P *showers hearts onto Ren-chan and Narisya* :D :'D Feel the love, darlings :)

Anyway... yeah... I had this dream you know... and I thought I'd share it with you guys (a)

As I closed in on him and pressed myself against him in a hug, he sought support against the wall. And wrapping his arms around my mid-section, the coldness of his auto-mail arm seeped through my thin cotton shirt. I shivered, but didn’t care. I had never felt so content in my life. This was it, definitely it. One arm draped itself around his shoulders, over his red coat, the other one found its way up and its five-fingered extension wove itself through his hair, which was tied up in a swift but elegant ponytail. I heard him sigh.

I whispered I was thankful and pressed my lips softly against his cheek, lingering longer than necessary. He stirred, telling me in return that I was welcome. He pushed me back a bit and looked intently into my eyes, then let his flicker to my lips and back to my eyes again. I noticed what he wanted to do and at that moment I decided that, if he did, I’d let him, even though he was my best friend. But he restrained himself from doing it and pushed me further away from himself, as if to remove himself from temptation.

He told me to come in. Until now we had been standing in the small hidden corridor in front of his house. And when I entered I immediately felt the warmth of the building closing in on me, in a good way. I noticed that the air outside had been too cold after all, too cold for just a cotton shirt. I shivered once more. As he took off his coat, I noticed once more how extremely well we matched considering our heights. He was 165 centimeters long and I was only two of them shorter – which he told me almost every day in sheer delight. Also in appearance we didn’t differ much. At least, it depended on what you would call much. His hair was a golden blonde, which always seemed to have a sort of elegance – it seemed as if he’d never heard of the term ‘bad hair day’ – while mine was a darker shade of brown with blonde streaks weaving through it in large quantities. Both of us had shorter strands hanging in front of our faces. His straight, mine curly. And with clothes, well… we both had a certain preference for the color black. His eyes were filled with a truly golden color, while mine were dark brown. Okay, then maybe we were not so alike after all. And maybe that was a good thing too, since the saying ‘opposites attract’ did exist.

What had happened five minutes ago? What was that feeling that had crept up within me, making me want to enfold him in my arms so suddenly? What had made him want to cross that line of friendship, which had so clearly shone in his eyes? I didn’t know. I just knew it had happened, that it had been there.

As all of this crossed my mind, I saw him make his way to the living room, switching on lamps here and there, making the place look cozy, as far as that was possible. And when I saw him lean over the side of the couch to grab the television guide, I knew I regretted not stopping him when he pushed me away, I knew I should have responded to that expression. And I wanted to make that right, I wanted to return that feeling, return that longing. So I told him. I asked him why he had and he turned quickly, as a fox trapped on his tail, and looked at me as if I had discovered his most hidden secret. But when he saw my earnest expression, his eyes softened and he straightened his back, scratching the back of his head. He said he didn’t know. That he didn’t want to ruin our friendship or something of that caliber. And as I responded, still avoiding the exact name of the subject, I said that I thought that wouldn’t be the case.

So when I stood in front of him, clearly quite nervous, he smiled softly. He said that he just wanted to be sure, but then enclosed the space between us; he hugged me. And once again my fingers combed his hair and once again I deeply inhaled his scent. At the same time, his arms did something different than before. He didn’t just wrap them around me, but he rested his hands on my hips. And when I pulled back, brown met gold and the same nervous flickering of eyes made itself apparent. And clumsily, he bridged the distance between our mouths, acting like this was the first time he did something like this in his life, and bumped his nose against mine. But I tilted my head a bit and pressed my lips against his. And never in my life had I felt the way I felt at that moment.

:) yep, that's it. It's a bit weird. Nothing like I ever wrote before (regarding style) And well... there were supposed to be two paragraphs more... but they didn't really fit the style and they're a bit ... odd (a) so I won't post them.

Then! One last thing (apart from the love)! I'm planning to transform the previously posted one-shots into 'audiobooks' ... Main reason is that, of Ren-chan wants to xD, she can listen to her and Renji's story when she's at school XDD :'D :)

But tell me if you'd like that idea, else I won't get started on all the work xD


*showers more love*





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Mar. 7th, 2007 02:00 pm (UTC)
*giggles* LOVE! ♥~~~~ YAY. :'DD

Your dream of Ed... aklkajwcinwqjircjwqljnq..!! xD It's so LOVELY. xDDD Teehee. Nice writing style, I love it. *thumbs up* 8D

Audiobooks sound good, yush. :3
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