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The Story of Yagami Light

This one is especially for Ren-chan (or Tsuki-chan now xD), as part of our art-trade (she made me an Ed/Meiyo drawing *SQUEAL*). I haven't written anything in a long time, and you have no idea how extremely satisfying it was to write something again. Something that just flowed out of my fingers, after a couple of weeks of pondering on what to write xD. Anyways, enjoy~ :D

The Story of Yagami Light

There were two major turning points in Yagami Light’s life, both of which could not be really considered normal. Only having reached his twenty-second year of age, it was quite extraordinary that Light was so sure that these two markings in his life would be the only ones of importance. Normally, people would only figure this out when lying on their death bed, while going through memories of their quickly passed life. Then again, Yagami Light was not an ordinary boy. Not only was he extremely good looking (if he did say so himself: impeccable hair, deep brown pools functioning as eyes, great taste for clothing), he also was a walking dictionary, computer, and encyclopaedia–all in one! Never had anyone beaten him in taking the top-position on the school’s grade list. Never had anyone experienced the threats of so many girls, claiming they would kill themselves if he would not date them, or simply go out with him for that matter. No, for them one night was not nearly enough: it always had to be at least three, and some day-time activities attached to them if possible. Light did not want to think about the sheer number of girls that could have died by his doing, if only they had the slightest nerve to actually take their own lives for something so trivial. Thinking about it, Light could only laugh: those girls weren’t even brave enough to think of a broken nail, let alone a broken spirit.

Now, any person right in his or her mind may have started wondering before long whereto this is leading: probably an elaboration on the before mentioned major turning points in Yagami Light’s life. So, let us start at the beginning, or rather one boring school day filled with sunshine in the year of 2003, a year in which Light was proud to legally admit that he was nearing the age of eighteen. Light never admitted he was seventeen of course, because “almost eighteen” sounded much more adult. It was on that particular day that, when seated in the uncomfortable wooden chairs that his school supplied, Light was once again wondering why, in the name of something or someone superior, he was taking additional classes at Gamou Prep Academy, when he could easily pass all his courses without them. It was on that same particular day that Light noticed something rushing down out of the corner of his eye, something that fell to the floor of the sports field with a barely audible thud, nonetheless causing the thin layer of sand on the field to fly up and form a dusty cloud carried away by the gentle breeze that caressed the days in Japanese summers. The fallen object seemed to be black and rectangular, but he could never have been sure, considering the distance of which he was observing. Light himself knew, as he stood at the crime scene a short while later, after his class had been dismissed, that if he would touch the object, now identified as a notebook with eerily white letters forming the phrase “Death Note” splashed across its cover, his life would change in the blink of an eye, but being the highly curious and adventurous young man he was, he dismissed this clear sense of foreboding and picked up said notebook. Yep, it certainly did change his life.

The notebook, indeed called Death Note, provided him the power to kill people at leisure by just writing down their full name on the condition that he could clearly visualise their faces in his mind, sometimes adding a cause of death or some last-minute actions. Yagami Light, however, was, as mentioned before, clever enough to not just kill people at leisure. He figured that he could better the world by salvaging it, or, in other words, removing all the criminal minds to make way for the sane inhabitants, who would then, after gaining the knowledge of the cause, or rather the person, behind their salvation, praise him as their God. His plan seemed infallible. Then again, he reasoned, his brain had always been infallible, so any plan formed by it could not be considered as anything less. He was especially pleased when he found out that attached to the notebook was a real-life Shinigami, or Death God, who did not necessarily take sides, but also did not stand in his way, instead only encouraging him, and sometimes helping him even. So Light was, naturally, extremely shocked when his actions were not welcomed the way he had imagined them to be, not to mention the police force that was set up to hunt down Kira, his newly obtained title meaning “killer”, tie him to a chair or some other solid object, and prevent him from ever murdering someone again, no matter how righteous it all seemed in his mind. He, however, quickly recovered and came up with several devious plans to mislead the investigation squad, eventually murdering the most highly regarded detective ever, who was known mysteriously as L (of course, Light did find out his true name eventually). So, suffice it to say that finding the notebook definitely was a major turning point in his life. Unfortunately–mostly for Light himself, because, when having something that changes your life, you want to share it with everyone and anyone you ever meet–this major turning point was at the same time Light’s biggest secret.

It was not unexpected that Light obtained a slightly malevolent personality. Killing criminals, and everyone who stood in his way of becoming the new God of the world, did not get to him as much as the first two victims he had chosen for experimental reasons (did this Death Note really work?). He had gotten over the initial shock fairly quickly, as a matter of fact. Even killing L–someone who had openly admitted, even though he thought there was a ninety-nine percent chance of Light being Kira, that Light was his first friend–did not strike him as painful. If someone really would get to know Light, s/he would most likely say that Light tempted to wander on the edge of maniacal insanity, covered with a load of arrogance. It was therefore again not unexpected that he became a bit of a loner, not wanting to get close to anyone or anything apart from his Shinigami, named Ryuuku. After three years of carefully plotted assassinations, Light spent all of his evenings in his room, either writing down names in his notebook, or just lying on his bed, thinking about how he could further misdirect the Kira investigation. There was no trace of student-life left in his body, even though he still was one. Trust his sister to notice her brother’s odd behaviour, though ignorant as to the cause, and decide to force him out of his room and to the gym of his school for the yearly mid-term party (a party that was held after mid-terms to celebrate relatively short, though exam-less period). Extremely unwilling, Light entered the building he had to call his school, and could not do anything else than look around glumly. His mind was already flying back to the Death Note, and his careful laid-out plans to murder the current leaders of the Kira investigation.

That was until he noticed something rushing past in the corner of his eye, something blue. He quickly noticed that blue was not the only colour it sported. Even though he hadn’t turned around to look at it fully yet, he already knew that it was a mixture of blue, gray, black, white, and brown, and dear Lord, it moved fast. When he turned it appeared to be a girl, rushing behind a bar to make and hand out drinks to everyone. He observed her. She was dressed in a sleeveless white top, underneath which a short-sleeved black t-shirt could be seen. That what he could see of her legs was snugly surrounded by a soft greyish fabric. He also noticed what had caused him to notice her in the first place: a bright, though greyish, blue watch sat proudly on her wrist, reflecting the small amount of light in the hall. When looking at her face and hair, he realised he could as well be looking at a female version of himself: her hair was almost the same colour as his, but somewhat lighter, and it was cut in a similar way, but somewhat fluffier and maybe a bit messier. Though this all wasn’t why Yagami Light suddenly stood rooted on the spot. Neither was it the fast and effortless way with which she seemed to move to grab all the different liquors, mix them, and hand them to her schoolmates. No, in the sheer second, or maybe tenth of a second, that she had looked around, her eyes had crossed his, and that was the reason for Light’s flabbergasted expression. After Light quickly realised he must have been staring at a girl, he regained his normal, cool composure, and decided to swiftly walk forward to the bar to order a drink, but he knew, deep down inside, that he had just encountered the second major turning point. Even though he could not exactly put his finger on what it was that would be so life-changing, he knew that she had something to do with it, and that was what shocked him in a very terrifying way.

Light decided to keep an eye (or maybe even two) on the girl, who had innocently made him look like a fish on dry land. He was sure she would either lead to his downfall, or his epic victory. Light was not easily scared, but she did scare him. Needless to say, Light found out everything he could about her. It was not long until he possessed the knowledge of her name, which was the graceful Shiori Tsukiko, her complete family tree (and thus her history), her grade-list, all the phone numbers in her mobile phone, and even her dental records. He was tempted to put her name in his Death Note to prevent anything from happening before it was too late, but quickly dismissed the thought. He couldn’t. There was something about her that made him want to get to know her better. Something that made him want to know how she could influence his life, whether it was in a negative or in a positive way. So he cunningly plotted his way into her daily life, starting with accidentally bumping into her, of course making it seem as if she was the one who had bumped into him. He made sure to visit the places she would visit, and also made sure that she would actually see him when they were both there. That’s how they started talking. Only about trivial things of course: the weather, an upcoming test (he had found out she was in his grade and even took most of his classes. Why he had never noticed her before, he did not know), the behaviour of a teacher, a recent movie review; it didn’t really matter, as long as they were talking. Her fierce personality combined with Light’s profound interest in her, increasing more and more every day, resulted in a friendship between the two. It even came to the point that Light invited Tsukiko to his house, preparing it of course to make sure she would not find out about his secret. When Tsukiko entered his parent’s humble abode, she received a knowing wink from his sister, who was immensely pleased with the way Light was loosening up a little since she had forced him to come to the mid-term party. It was definitely true though, and Light did notice it himself. He had laughed more in the couple of months he knew Tsukiko than he had in the past two or three years. Heartfelt laughter, of course. He had laughed numerous times, but those were of either stress or maniacal thoughts. He also felt more content and happier when he woke up in the morning. He wondered if she had saved him from a one way ticket to the loony bin, but he did not really want to admit that he had almost bought that ticket himself.

After they had established their friendship, Light took the opportunity to observe her eyes for the first time since the party. Why he hadn’t done so before in the past few weeks was beyond him. He observed them, and found out that they were a very light shade of gray with tiny blue spots scattered about them. He also noticed that they portrayed her emotions extremely well: when she was angry the blue spots would vanish like the sun on a cloudy day to be replaced by a cold icy stare; when she was sad the blue spots would slowly float around her pupils; and when she was happy her eyes would become such a fierce, deep shade of blue that he wasn’t sure if he was really gazing into her eyes rather than into the calm sea on a summer’s day.

All this time, Light had certainly not forgotten or neglected his secret, his Death Note, or the Kira investigation. In fact, things had gotten quite difficult. So difficult that, at times, he had almost spilled his guts to Tsukiko, with whom he had grown to be almost inseparable. They told each other everything. Well, of course, not everything, seeing as Light could certainly not tell her that, but that did not take away the fact that he was tempted, very tempted. It confused Light all the more, because he had never had a friend like her. He sincerely hoped that she would not lead him to his downfall, as he had previously thought, and he didn’t know why he hoped what he did.

That was until he noticed a change in her behaviour. He noticed that whenever his hand would accidentally brush her arm, she would cast away her eyes and her cheeks would obtain the slightest hint of a shade of pink. He would not easily admit that he purposely provoked this reaction when she was standing near a Sakura tree, which was shedding its pink, heart-shaped leaves. He realised he enjoyed that picture, and wanted to engrave it in his mind forever. Still, watching her get uncomfortable, made him extremely uncomfortable himself as well. He did not know how to act around her anymore. He wanted to touch her, but at the same time wanted to keep at least six feet of space between them. On the day that she decided to wear the exact same combination of clothes as the day he had first noticed her, everything suddenly fell into place. They were sitting leisurely under one of the many cherry-blossom trees in the park when he noticed her clothing. He commented on it, and she said it was exactly a year since they had first seen each other, because “Yes, I had noticed you, too, that night. You weren’t the only one.” When Tsukiko looked up at him, he found himself watching the waves in her eyes. He spoke softly, not wanting to break the obviously heart-aching moment, commenting that she really had changed him, and that he was thankful. The silent “you saved me” didn’t stay unnoticed by her, and she smiled. Right there and then, Light decided that he would easily give up his power just for her. He would erase all evidence, and give up his Death Note, just to be able to live a normal live with her. A normal live, filled with afternoons like this, sitting in the sun, under a tree, leaves falling around them. When he reached up to cup her cheek gently, switching his view from her eyes to her lips and back again, he knew. When he slowly crossed the distance to press his lips against hers, feeling her return his actions, he knew that she also wished they could lead a normal life, even if she did not know his secret yet. Still, he also knew–he felt–that she would understand; that she would help, that she would support; that she would stand by him, that she wouldn’t mind, that she could change his view, maybe even cure him (just take a look at how she had already changed him now). Clearly, meeting her had not been bad. Clearly, she would not lead to his downfall, but only help him get stronger. Clearly, he loved her, and, clearly, she loved him in return.

~ :D


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Really, I loooooooooove it <3333 =D
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